~° She transforms her old bitter darkness into light and she owns it all. The sadness, the tears, the fears, the flaws, everything. She embraces her ugliest shadows and dives deep into her emotional depths.

Finally she has learned how to swim, and even how to float. And when she let go of resistance she knows that the current of life will carry her weightless body, soul and spirit to where she’s supposed to be.

She is no longer a small bush that breaks in every gust if wind; she has grown strong and tall. Transfigured into a mighty oak she stands strong and chooses her battles wisely.

And she knows herself. She knows her truth. She has found that inner north star that always leads her through every dark spot of life. Her heart and feet know the way, and she follows trustfully.

She has become transparent; a crystal clear chalice that holds her heart. And she wears her heart as a jewel resting onto her chest, and holds her head high.

She is always in a constant state of greater becoming, and she has finally become the source of her self.°~


~ av S på maj 16, 2017.


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