I’ll walk away

Och jag svarar (i versform):


I’ll walk away

You have now crossed the last bound,
it doesn’t matter what you’ll say,
I’ll walk away

Don’t turn you back on me,
‘cause one thing is true,
I’ll turn mine on you.

It’s true what you say,
I can’t fit into you life,
and I don’t ever will be you wife.
You can fold you hands and pray,
it doesn’t matter,
I’ll still walk away

You said you’d kneel for me,
but if you really love me, set me free
cause you can’t give me anything more
you have turned this relationship into a war

So save your pathetic words,
I am neither selfish nor a whore
your words can’t hurt me anymore,
it doesn’t matter what you’ll say,
I’ll walk away.

~ av S på oktober 10, 2008.


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